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Outdoor Acoustic Sessions 

We believe that the best place to jam is outside. This series shows you why.

Studio Sessions

There is nothing more intimate than the process of recording an album, and we are always honored to help document such a wonderful collaboration.

Live Events

We enjoy a good concert, and have been fortunate to take photos and video of some of our favorite artists.


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Musical Influence

Having played and filmed music throughout the years, we put a lot of care into what music we use in our videos. If we can’t use our own originally recorded material we strive to support independent musical connections we’ve made around the world. Enjoy some videos from our band in Chicago that happened to be called… Bearfish!

Around Again (Live)

Beat Kitchen, Chicago

Bearfish Farewell (Recording session)

Minbal Studios, Chicago

Foggy Dew (Live)

Sofar Sounds Chicago